What Type of Educational Efforts are Underway?brochure23
We developed the educational brochure “The Family Link between Breast & Ovarian Cancer in Black Women.”  The brochure was developed through a joint effort between Moffitt researchers and our Community Advisory Panel (CAP) consisting of community leaders, breast cancer survivors, healthcare providers, and patient advocates, many of whom are members of the Black community. The brochure was developed as a means to improve awareness in individuals in the Black community about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC).

How Can I Help with Outreach Efforts?
Disseminating the brochure can be an important way to increase awareness about HBOC in the Black community. If you are interested in obtaining this brochure to distribute to your organization please contact the B-GREAT Initiative Team via phone or by email listed below or simply fill out our online request form:

There is no cost to the distributor. It is absolutely free to request brochures and brochures will be mailed to distributors free of charge.

Online Brochure Request
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