Community Advisory Panel

Picture Taken at the 2010 4th Annual Community Advisory Panel Meeting


Back Row Left to Right: Cheryl Clinton, Joyce Austin, Donald Temple, Peggie Sherry, Gwendolyn Dawson
Front Row Left to Right: Daneen Wyman, Linda Paige, Sue Friedman, Evora Pimentoe

CAP Members not photographed: Benita Hayes, Gloria Wood, Khaliah Fleming

What is the CAP?
The Community Advisory Panel is a group of individuals representing the Black community including breast cancer survivors, health care professionals, members of breast cancer advocacy groups and support groups, and community leaders. Many members are associated with or lead community-based organizations providing breast cancer education and information to Black women.

What is the role of the CAP?
This community advisory panel has provided guidance and direction to the study team in areas of cultural sensitivity, cancer survivorship, recruitment efforts, and  community outreach efforts. These relationships have resulted in identification of and response to additional outreach needs among Black women.