In 2002, we started out with one objective: to learn more about why more young Black women develop breast cancer.  As a research team with a focus on hereditary cancer, we sought to understand the role of genetic factors in breast cancer. In 2007, our work with CAP members led us to identify a need to conduct research on how to increase awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in the Black community. Today, our research can truly be described as interdisciplinary. Our team has research interests in cancer genetics, epidemiology, health education, and social/behavioral aspects of clinical cancer genetics.

Our team’s cancer genetics/epidemiological research focuses on:

  • Identification of individuals with genetic and environmental risk factors that place them at increased risk of developing cancer.
  • Development of strategies to reduce this risk.

Our social/behavioral and health education research focuses on:

  • Increasing awareness, knowledge, and risk appropriate utilization of genetics services among patients and health care providers.
  • Recruitment of Black women to genetic-based research studies.
  • Development of culturally tailored genetic counseling material and lay appropriate educational material on hereditary breast cancer.

breastcancerEven though we have made a lot of progress in the last decade,
we can confidently say that there is much more to be done!